Events & Classes


Join us every week for Latin Wednesday at Ironhand Wine Bar in South Bend at 1025 Northside Blvd. from 7-10 PM. For almost 12 years Latin Wednesday has been our main and most regular Latin Dance social.

In Goshen, we dance every Thursday night, 7-10 PM, at Barecito on 114 W. Jefferson. In LaPorte we frequently dance at Go Aerial Fitness select Fridays. We often have special weekend socials that include holiday dances, outdoor summer dances, and more. The best place to find out updated happenings is on our Facebook Events page.


Before all the social dance events on Wednesdays, we offer a brief introductory dance lesson. You don’t need a partner, any past dance experience, or any coordination whatsoever to come to join the lesson. We take you AS IS and enjoy dancers at all levels of their dance journey. Our focus is on SOCIAL dancing–we like people because they’re people, not because they’re fabulous dancers. Lessons can help us have more fun and fu is what it’s all about! At the vast majority of our events you will find a similar brief Beginners’ lesson offered to get people warmed up and brand new folks feeling more confident.

We also offer more in-depth instruction intermittently. Again, check our Facebook Events page. These sometimes include workshops with visiting instructors from bigger cities, featured advanced dancers in our own community or nearby, and other options.