Sept 1 – Weekend with Papa Fuegz

It’s almost here–an incredible weekend of dance, learning, and more fun than we can adequately describe on Facebook or anywhere else, as we welcome and enjoy…Imaan “PapaFuegz” Taghavi!

Here’s the joy-and-movement-packed weekend:


6:30-8pm PapaFuegz Event: Welcome & Drinks, LePeep, South Bend

8:30-11pm PapaFuegz Event: September 1st Friday Latin Dance, Studebaker Plaza, South Bend


1-3pm PapaFuegz Event: Workshop 1: The Movement of Bachata, Near Northwest Neighborhood Center, South Bend

3:30-5:30pm PapaFuegz Event: Workshop #2: Salsa Patterns and Depth, Near Northwest Neighborhood Center, South Bend

7:30-11pm PapaFuegz Event: Quinceañera Potluck Dance Party, Elkhart (get there by 6:30pm if you want an Argentine Tango lesson!)


PRIVATE LESSONS if you want ’em! $75 an hour, $140 for 2 hours, and no difference in price for one person or a couple. Message Bridget Hardy for more on this. Lessons may also be arranged earlier in the weekend.

Imaan is a social dance instructor and the Founder and Executive Director of The Omni Movement, an endeavor to promote the accessibility of social dancing across the globe. Their motto: “You can dance with anyone, anywhere, to anything.”

Imaan has trained with the renowned CoboBrothers Dance Company and teaches across the country in salsa, bachata, Brazilian and zouk. He is also the Founder of Baile De Fuego, the UC Davis Latin dance student organization.

Imaan focuses on teaching the “why” and “how” behind social dancing styles. Social dance is a physical conversation and PapaFuegz focuses on teaching not just vocabulary but the grammar to empower students to create their own moves and style of social dance.

Look for Imaan to join us at our First Friday dance in September, along with other contributions that Friday and workshops Saturday. Details coming as this incredible opportunity continues to unfold, but mark you calendars NOW so you don’t miss the Omnificent experience of a weekend of great connection, on and off the dance floor, with this amazing new friend and others, while amazing old friends come together in new ways!

We sense, overall, a tremendous boost in LOVE.